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Nikkei Robotics Creating a new industry through the fusion of technology and knowledge
Nikkei Robotics

Against the backdrop of forecasts that our world is on the threshold of being dramatically transformed by the rising wave of robotics technology, just what will the robots destined to excel in that arena consist of, what can we expect to occur as a result of these changes, and how will the robotics business adapt and evolve as this transition comes to pass? NIKKEI Robotics is a magazine conceived to supply the information necessary to keenly address such queries from the standpoints of technology and business. In pursuit of this mission, we thoroughly analyze the robotics industry from five specific points: (1) “Technology and Research & Development” effectively anticipating the arrival of breakthrough technology positioned to change the world; (2) “Policies, Standards and Regulations” used to survey and mine robotic information from the global scene; (3) “Organizations, Companies and People” in which the spotlight is trained on the exploits of bold entrepreneurs emerging on the industry’s center stage; (4) “Projects” to explore attention-grabbing ventures and undertakings; and (5) “Research Data” mobilized to scrutinize the robotics domain on the strength of statistics. Accessing five separate regional networks independently cultivated in the United States, Europe, China, South Korea and Japan, the magazine is poised to issue detailed reports on the latest R&D trends, corporate moves, national strategies and regulatory directions.

Core readership
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ABC (Number of subscriptions, Circulation)
First published
July 2015
Modified A4 (210 x 280 mm)
Four-color offset lithography
Sales method
Sold mostly by annual subscription, and partly at bookstore and station stands

Subscriber Profile

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Advertising Rates

(Thousand yen)
SIZE UNIT 1x 3x 6x 12x
Inside front cover 1,000 950 900 850
Outside back cover 1,000 950 900 850
Four-color two-page advertorial 1,600 In cases of coverage at remote locations when coverage and production fees are included in the rates, invoices will be issued for the actual expense of transportation costs.


Issue Delivery
Material deadline
for digital format
Feb., 2022 Jan. 11 Nov. 25 Dec. 13
Mar. Feb. 10 Dec. 30 Jan. 19
Apr. Mar. 10 Jan. 26 Feb. 15
May Apr. 11 Mar. 1 Mar. 21
June May 9 Mar. 24 Apr. 12
July June 10 May 2 May 19
Aug. July 11 June 1 June 20
Issue Delivery
Material deadline
for digital format
Sept. Aug. 10 June 29 July 19
Oct. Sept. 12 Aug. 1 Aug. 19
Nov. Oct. 11 Aug. 29 Sept. 19
Dec. Nov. 10 Sept. 28 Oct. 18
Jan., 2023 Dec. 10 Oct. 31 Nov. 18
Feb. Jan. 10 Nov. 24 Dec. 12

Space Units

Millimeters (W x H)
Full Page
(inside front cover)
280 x 210
Full Page
(outside back cover)
255 x 210

*Ad material should be made in 216 x 286 mm or 426 x 286 mm size to avoid white lines at edges. Important elements, such as text, logotypes, symbol marks, and illustrations, that must not be trimmed should be within 10 mm of all register marks.

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