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Nikkei BP Intelligence Group providing solution support for private and public sectors

Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, established in September 2015, supports private and public sectors on their business solutions, marketing efforts, brand buildings and technology developments by utilizing Nikkei Business Publications' expertise and information dissemination. The Group managing its specialized research institutes with experiences and track records provides broad and in-depth assistances for the business activity.

NIKKEI BP Intelligence Group

Action Policy

  • Support companies solving management challenges
  • Policy planning support for national and regional governments solving social challenges
  • Contribute to promote globalization of companies
  • Provide information support as a think tank of a media publisher
  • Provide services based on in-depth analyses and insights underpinned by rich expertise


Institutes of Nikkei BP Intelligence Group

Clean Tech Institute

Clean Tech Institute has the theme to support social innovation that solves social problems and creates business. Providing research, analysis and consulting, promotional support, and business creation support, the institute assists clients’ business related to energy environment in next generation such as renewable energy, mobility for next generation society including automated driving, manufacturing in next generation, and digital transformation of companies and cities.


ICT Innovation Research Institute

ICT Innovation Research Institute is aiming to achieve innovation utilizing ICT (Information and Communication Technology). The activity includes research and study by utilizing its sophisticated ability of collecting information and analysis as well as delivering information broadly in the aim of promoting ICT utilization.


Infrastructure Institute

Infrastructure Institute assists companies, Japanese government, and local governments on their information strategy, by utilizing the broad network in the core fields of architecture, civil engineering, housing, and real estate as well as its expertise. Conducting governmental researches on architecture, housing, civil engineering (city planning), and real estate, it also has provided supports on formulating of policy in upstream process for local governments by exploiting its sophisticated expertise. Recently, projects such as new business creation support in the private sector are in demand.


Mirai Institute

Mirai Institute is a professional organization for “future prediction”. Over the last decade, the institute has committed to publishing, expansion and renewal of reports on future prediction and technology forecast. With over 2,000 companies using our reports now, they became essential tool for strategic planning in corporate planning, R&D strategy, new business development, new entry, and business reform. It certainly is not possible to perfectly predict a future. However, we think there is something we can forecast. For example, we can forecast demographics with extremely high accuracy. Also, to some extent, it is possible to extract trends by understanding the mechanism of changing times and to forecast what technology would bring by understand it. With accumulation of these elaborate efforts and constant review, our role is to extract a vision of future.


Sustainable Management Institute

Sustainable Management Institute supports solutions of management challenges that small and medium-sized companies are facing. Our particular focus is “recruitment and training support”. Now is said to be “labor shortage era”. We encourage you to make your company to be “a company where people are attracted” before giving up because small and medium-sized companies have disadvantages. Our institute delivers innovative and concrete proposals by exploiting the know-how and network that Nikkei BP has built.


Medical & Healthcare Institute

Based on “21st Century Medical Forum” that is a proposal organization for medical reforms and a think tank for medical policies, the institute has the mission in medical and healthcare; 1) to design human interaction in the business, government, and academia, 2) to coordinate for realization of concepts by the business, government, and academia, 3) to provide consulting for extraction and solution of challenges of each company, especially in the industrial circle.


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