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Nikkei BP's Personal Information Protection Policy

We collect and use certain personal information submitted by a number of people through the process of selling our magazines, books and other merchandise and providing data via the Internet. Meanwhile as a member of news media, Nikkei BP is in a position to report on and increase public awareness for the significance of personal information protection and the risks of information leakage. We are keenly aware of the role as media house as well as the responsibility to set strict and appropriate control systems for protecting all personal information submitted to us.
We therefore stipulate our privacy policy as follows. For the sake of safeguarding our users accessing Nikkei BP publications and services, all of our employees comply with the policy stipulated herein, and are committed to handle, manage and sustain personal information in an appropriate manner.

  1. Nikkei BP collects, uses, and provides your personal information in an appropriate manner, and only to the extent necessary for our business activities. In principle, we do not collect any personal information exceeding to fulfill the purpose of usage without your prior consent, and we take all necessary measures to comply with the principle.
  2. Nikkei BP complies with applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations of Japan, pertaining to personal information protection.
  3. Nikkei BP takes actions to prevent and correct such illicit acts as unauthorized access to, and loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of, personal information.
  4. Nikkei BP offers customer support services for complaints and/or inquiries regarding our policy for handling and protecting personal information.
  5. Nikkei BP continually reviews its compliance program and makes proper modifications where necessary.

Naoto Yoshida
President & CEO
Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

For any inquiry about our privacy policy, please contact here:
Explanation of the personal information acquisition

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Handling of personal information collected for news stories

Nikkei BP handles personal information collected for news stories according to the following policy.
The Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan stipulates that the provisions of “Obligations of the businesses handling personal information and other matters” shall not apply to personal information collected “for the purpose of utilizing for news stories”. The aforementioned law also defines that Personal Information Protection Committee shall not exercise its authority with respect to the act of business operator handling personal information to provide a business operator (which includes news media) with personal information. Accordingly, the cases of news coverage are exempted from the provisions under the aforementioned law which stipulates “A business operator handling personal information shall not provide personal data to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of the person”. Therefore, if an interviewed company provides personal data to news media, it does not constitute the breach against the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan.

While at the same time, the aforementioned law also urges news media to “take by themselves the necessary and appropriate measures for controlling the security of personal data”. Nikkei BP therefore sets the following privacy policy for information collected for the purpose of utilizing for news stories.  

  1. Disclosure: We disclose and explain our “Personal Information Protection Policy” to the public in an easy-to-understand manner.
  2. Voluntary control: Nikkei BP's “code of conduct for editorial departments” stipulates that (1) information obtained through covering news should never be used in a manner violating the privacy policy of Nikkei BP, (2) personal data obtained through covering news should be handled with appropriate measures in full respect of the provisions stipulated under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan, (3) information sources should be kept secret for the purpose of protecting freedom of the press and trusted relationships with our interviewees. All of our staff (including outside staff as well as Editors-in-Chief, Deputy Editors and staff writers) involved in editorial activities must comply with the code of conduct.
  3. Security control: All of our staff, regardless of whether they are involved in editorial activities or not, are subject to check their day-to-day operations, make improvements, and receive trainings for protecting personal data. Specifically, we promote company-wide efforts in strengthening measures for protecting privacy, such as prohibiting unintended use of personal data and complying fully with internal rules to maintain and dispose personally identifiable data.

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Handling of personal Information in general

Nikkei BP uses the personal information that it collects for the following purposes. In all cases, we will abide by our compliance policy and handle the information with utmost care under this privacy policy.

(1) When we may ask for and use your personal information...

In order to confirm your purchase/order of our products and your registration to our services, and for delivering your purchase

  • To confirm your order of our magazines, books and other merchandise, and to deliver your purchase
  • To confirm your application for attendance to our exhibitions and seminars, and to send the admission tickets
  • To confirm your registration to our e-mail newsletter services, and to deliver the registered e-mail news
  • To confirm your registration with our membership services, and to provide you with our services
  • To settle and confirm your payment for the merchandise and services that you ordered
  • To send you information regarding renewal of your subscriptions to our periodicals
  • To ask for information on your behalf to the companies/organizations advertising in our magazines
  • To send rewards for the survey to which you responded
  • To send prizes for the sweepstakes to which you applied

We may change your registered personal information in case there are changes in the information that may affect the delivery of our merchandise or our invoicing, such as the name of municipality, postal code, name of financial institution or the expiration date of your credit card.

In order to provide and improve the merchandise and services that you use, and to develop new services

  • To improve our merchandise, services, and the contents of our websites for your greater satisfaction
  • To tailor our merchandise, services and the contents of our websites to your individual needs
  • To survey the satisfaction level of the information and merchandise that you ordered
  • To publish statistical analyses of personal data as survey results
  • To understand how our services are being used and to improve our services and develop new services

In order to send information that are relevant to the merchandise and services that we provide

  • To send information on our periodicals, books, digital contents, membership services and other merchandises/services
  • To ask for your participation in our surveys and our events, and to report back to you on the results
  • To understand how our merchandise, services, and websites are being used, and to send you information and survey results released from companies/organizations that we believe to be of value to you, including Nikkei BP and its group companies

We may relate your personal information to other information that Nikkei BP and its group companies administer. For example, we may compare your personal information with information in our periodicals administration system to see if you are our subscriber. We may also record your phone calls in order to improve our service quality.

(2) We do not disclose your personal information to a third party.

Without your express permission, we will not disclose your registered personal information to a third party.

Even when we are sending you information from companies/organizations other than Nikkei BP and its group companies that we believe to be of value to you, we will not disclose or provide your personal information to such companies/organizations without your permission.

In the cases that you requested other companies/organizations, via Nikkei BP, to provide information or services; or if you are buying merchandise, making applications, making contacts, asking for intermediation from such companies/organizations; or if you have applied for attendance to exhibitions or seminars that are related to other companies/organizations; or if you requested Nikkei BP to obtain information from our advertisers on your behalf, we may disclose and provide your personal information to such companies/organizations.

In case we provide personal information to a third party, we record the dates of the provision, the names of the third party and the customers, items of personal data etc. and save the record for the term specified in law.

We may share your personal information with financial institutions when settlement of payment is required after you placed an order for merchandise or used a paid service. The purpose is to confirm your bank account or the validity of your credit card. We may disclose your personal information when we are obliged to do so by law, or when we have reason to believe that your personal information is necessary to protect and defend the rights/properties/security of you and Nikkei BP.

(3) When we collect your personal information...

We collect your personal information mainly in the following cases. They are examples and some concrete contents of information are not considered as personal information.

  1. In case you resister Nikkei ID which is co-used with Nikkei, Inc.
    In registration, we ask you to share users' personal information such as “name, address, e-mail address, date of birth, sex and occupation” and so on.
    1. In case you make necessary registration for using the service Nikkei BP offers
    2. In case you apply for events / seminars, cooperate with questionnaires, and enter prize competitions
    3. In case you contact for the details of the service Nikkei BP offers
    4. In case the personal information collected separately from the service the sponsors provide Nikkei BP is provided to Nikkei BP
  2. In case you use Nikkei BP's service
    If you use Nikkei BP's service after registration, Nikkei BP collect the following information regarding the usage, relevant to the distinguishable information of users.
    1. History of usage and purchase of the service / item
    2. Registration to individual service
    3. Conditions of event / seminar application, cooperation with questionnaires,
      and entrance to prize competitions
    4. Contents of speech or description about participation in questionnaires, usage of the board and evaluation of the service

In addition, Nikkei BP may receive the information from sponsors regarding the deal history between users and Nikkei BP / sponsors and the settlement.

(4) When we make anonymous processed information...

We process the relevant personal information according to the standards set by the regulations of personal information protection committee. At the time of making and providing the information to the third party, we publish the items of personal information included in the relevant anonymous process information, through the internet.

(5) We strictly administer your personal information...

We handle your personal information that we collect in a secure manner under our compliance policy and under strict administration.

From time to time we may decide to entrust a third-party company, which we deem to be trustworthy and with whom we have signed a confidentiality agreement, to administer your personal information. In such cases as well, your personal information will be protected under the compliance policy of Nikkei BP.

(6) Access and correction to your registered information

We administer your personal information as accurately as possible and in the most up-to-date manner. Upon your request, you can access to, and add, correct, update or remove your personal information from our database. Please note, however, that we may not be able to provide some of our products and services if you remove your personal information.

To correct and update your registered information regarding delivery of our periodicals, please contact Nikkei BP Fulfillment Services (phone: 03-5696-1111, Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00 on weekdays only) or use the inquiries page of our website.

To correct, update or remove your registered information regarding Nikkei BP Passport Service (e-mail news services, membership web services) which is one of our membership services, please visit the member exclusive page.

Regarding other merchandise and services, please follow the individual instructions.

(7) Please note...

Some of our websites offer chat rooms, forums, message boards, news groups, comment posting and e-mail exchange services. Please note that any information that you disclose at your own will in these areas will become public information.

Our websites have links to other third-party sites. Please note that we cannot bear the responsibility for protection of your personal information or for the content on such linked websites.

(8) Nikkei BP Personal Information Administrator

Mr. Masami Kagei
Managing Director
  Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
  4-3-12 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8308 Japan

(9) Contacts

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please click here.

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Information collection on the Internet

(1) Use of data

Data collection
Nikkei BP collects the following data of users who visited Nikkei BP’s websites including Nikkei Business Online Edition, in order to offer more convenient services to our customers.

Time & date when users visited Nikkei BP’s websites and URL
IP address of users’ computers
Type of users’ Operating System and browser
Referrer information (information on from which website users visited Nikkei BP’s websites)
These data do not include any identifiable information of individuals such as name, address, and e-mail address.

In collecting data, our websites use cookies, technology to identify users’ browser.

Nikkei BP uses collected data for the following purposes.

  • To register and confirm the services for members
  • To show our recommended content that satisfies users’ interests
  • To analyze how our websites are used
  • To understand distribution status of advertisements and to measure advertising effectiveness
  • To use data for advertising (behavioral targeting advertising)

With consideration for collected data that are important information of users, Nikkei BP promises to provide safe and secure internet services by maintaining and using them in a strict and appropriate manner.

(2) Use of data for advertising (behavioral targeting advertising)

Nikkei BP uses measuring systems by third-party companies in order to manage our websites and to measure traffic. Some advertisements that appear on Nikkei BP’s websites and in our e-mail magazines partially use advertisement distribution servers of third-party companies (advertisement distributers).

Those advertisement distributors may use cookies/web beacons in order to distribute advertisements more efficiently, to measure advertising effectiveness, and to measure traffic. Advertisement distributers may independently collect access data and use them for such purposes as distribution of behavioral targeting advertising. Collecting and analyzing access data for a certain period on “when” and “which website” users visited, behavioral targeting advertising estimates users’ interests and displays advertisements in accordance with them.

These distributors may distribute collected access data to other distributors. For further details, please check such distributors’ policy. The list of distributors that collect access data on Nikkei BP’s websites is available on the linked page in “(3) Opt-out of cookies". If you wish to stop a collection of access data, please contact each distributor from the linked page.

Use of Data Management Platform (DMP) (Japanese only)

(3) Opt-out of cookies

You can change a setting of your browser to disable cookie function at your own responsibility. If you disable cookie function, however, the services provided on Nikkei BP websites may become restricted or unavailable. Also, the same advertisements may repeatedly appear on your screen.

For further information on how to disable cookie function, please visit here (List of parties who share access data).

(4) Contacts

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please click here.

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For our users living in the EU and the United Kingdom

Nikkei BP sets the following policy separately for handling personal information we collect from our users living in the territory of European Union (hereinafter referred to as "EU" including Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under this policy.) and the United Kingdom.

(1) How we handle your information based on your consent and the right to withdraw your consent

By agreeing to this personal information protection policy, you agree to the handling of your personal information by Nikkei BP. We handle your personal information based on your consent. You can, however, withdraw this consent at any time. If you are under the age of 16 and want to use the services provided by Nikkei BP, you will need to ask your parent or guardian to agree on the use of our services, or obtain the consent of your parent or guardian before you agree to use our services.

(2) Why we collect your personal information

Personal information provided by you is necessary for Nikkei BP to provide you with the services. If you do not provide us with information that we request, some of the services may be unavailable for you.

(3) Disclosure of your personal information

Nikkei BP obliges its partners to comply with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as "GDPR") and the equivalent laws of the United Kingdom as well as other related laws and regulations, and to handle all personal information with attention and care to ensure user privacy by stipulating these responsibilities under partnership agreements or other means. Please contact our partners for details on how they handle your personal information.

(4) Correction of your personal information

You have the right to complain to a data protection authority in the country with jurisdiction over your personal information handling.

(5) How long we retain your personal information

Nikkei BP retains your personal information as long as necessary to provide you with the services. We will delete your personal information immediately when it becomes no longer necessary.

(6) Transfer of your personal information outside of the EU territory and the United Kingdom

In order to accomplish the above purpose of usage, Nikkei BP may transfer and handle your personal information in Japan or a country outside of the EU and the United Kingdom. Although data subject rights similar to GDPR are not approved in some countries outside of the EU and the United Kingdom, Nikkei BP ensures that sufficient measures, such as concluding an agreement on standard contractual clauses compliant with GDPR, are taken to secure protection of your personal information.

(7) Data protection representative in EU and the United Kingdom

Nikkei BP has appointed DataRep as our data protection representative.
If you have questions to Nikkei BP or wish to exercise your rights related to personal data, please choose any of the methods as below.

* For inquiry by post, please make sure to write “DataRep” in the address. If you write “Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.” in the address, it will not be delivered properly. Please clearly describe “Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.” in your letter.

If you have concerns on how DataRep handles personal data it requests in providing representative service, please visit, privacy notice of DataRep.

(8) Other

Nikkei BP may handle your personal information in a way other than the above, according to GDPR as well as other related laws and regulations.

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Sharing of personal information among Nikkei BP Group

Nikkei BP may share your personal information among our group companies.

(1) Types of personal information shared among our group

All personal information collected by Nikkei BP may be used and shared within our group. Our group companies, however, will use only the minimum items of personal data that are essential for their business activities.

(2) Group companies sharing personal information

Your personal data may be used and shared only among Nikkei BP group companies

(3) Purpose of sharing personal information

Nikkei BP group companies use your personal information in accordance with the purpose of usage stated under Nikkei BP's “Personal Information Protection Policy” and “About Personal Information Collection”. We will not provide any personal information collected by Nikkei BP to any third party.

(4) Our Shared Personal Information Administrator

Nikkei BP Personal Information Administrator
For more information, please contact Nikkei BP Fulfillment Services at the following address.

(5) How we collect personal information

Your personal data used and shared among our group companies are information collected by Nikkei BP via the Internet, post card, fax and other means.

(6) Contacts

Nikkei BP Fulfillment Services, Customer Support
Address: Japan Post, Kasai Post Office P.O. Box No. 20, zip code 134-8729

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our policy on shared use of personal information, please click here.

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