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Nikkei Computer Announces IT Japan Award 2022 Winners
SOMPO Holdings Receives Grand Prix for its Group-wide DX Initiative

June 6, 2022

Nikkei Computer (published by Nikkei BP), a professional computer magazine providing the latest news for IT specialists, has announced the winners of the IT Japan Award 2022. The Award honors companies or organizations for their excellent business models capitalizing on information technology.

IT Japan Award 2022

IT Japan Award, organized annually by Nikkei Computer since 2007, aims to “discover companies or organizations demonstrating outstanding performance through the integration and application of information technology systems, and share their successful know-how with a broader public.” The third-party screening committee will select the winners from the companies and organizations covered in the past year for their innovative use of IT systems in the articles of Nikkei Computer and Nikkei xTECH, a digital magazine delivering the latest developments in technology and business.

For the 16th IT Japan Award 2022, the screening committee meeting was held on Monday, May 16th. The nominees were judged from three perspectives. Namely: “contribution to management innovation and business reformation,” “uniqueness in system integration and application,” and “innovative implementation of technology and method.” The Grand Prix went to Sompo Holdings, Inc., which was recognized for its group-wide initiative to promote DX (digital transformation.) Specifically, Sompo invested JPY200 billion in refreshing the core IT systems and established a subsidiary for digital business. The Company also introduced a group-wide program to train all its employees, some 60,000 personnel, to acquire digital skills and further streamlined the core systems for analyzing data gathered from the business practices of life/non-life insurance transactions and elderly care services. One company for the Grand Prix, one company for the Runner-up Grand Prix, and four companies for Special Award were selected as follows:

[Award Winners]

Grand Prix

Sompo Holdings, Inc.
The group-wide initiative for promoting DX involves some 60,000 employees to achieve “Beyond Insurance” with technology and data.

Runner-up Grand Prix

ASICS Corporation
ASICS introduced the global ERP package to optimize master data management, reducing inventory turnover days by 20%.

Special Awards

QunaSys Inc.
As a software developer for quantum computers, QunaSys hosts a community for developing human resources with knowledge in quantum applications.

SHARP Corporation
During five years under the management of Hon Hai Precision Industry, SHARP increased its IT personnel by nine times, promoted information system insourcing, and cut the existing IT costs by 50%.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
For making all administrative procedures available online, the Ministry staff took digital project manager qualifications to promote digitalization.

Hoshino Resorts Inc.
Hoshino Resorts quickly dealt with changing situations due to the COVID-19 pandemic by agile in-house development of IT systems to manage the Go-To Travel campaign and keep social distancing.
(Special award winner names appear in Japanese alphabetical order)

[Screening Committee]

Chairman: Naotaka Owada, Director, Innovation ICT Lab, Nikkei BP Intelligence Group
Shigetaka Ito, Member Emeritus, Information Systems Society of Japan
Masayoshi Sakai, Councilor and Director of DX Promotion, Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan
Naoki Asakawa, Editor-in-Chief, Nikkei Computer
In cooperation with: Nikkei xTECH Editorial Team (under Nikkei Computer)
(Names are in Japanese alphabetical order; organization names and job titles are as of the date of the Screening Committee meeting.)

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