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Nikkei BP and the University of Electro-Communications Conclude Comprehensive Agreement on Technology Talent Development

May 18, 2022

Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Naoto Yoshida; Minato-ku, Tokyo) and the University of Electro-Communications (President: Shunichi Tano; Chofu-shi, Tokyo) have announced the conclusion of a comprehensive agreement on partnering in technology talent development. Based on the Agreement, both parties will collaborate on the joint programs to develop human resources with literacy and skills in advanced technology fields. The initiative ultimately aims to foster technologists who can contribute to the sustainable development of humanity and who can identify the root causes of social issues and take the lead in providing solutions.

UEC President Shunichi Tano (left) and Nikkei BP Managing Director Yosuke Mochizuki
UEC President Shunichi Tano (left) and Nikkei BP Managing Director Yosuke Mochizuki


Our society faces many issues to be tackled, such as preventing global warming, taking measures against the declining birthrate and aging population, and preparing for natural disasters and pandemics. There is increasing importance on advancing science and technology to solve these issues while fostering technologists who can support and drive such advancement. Japan's human resource development also faces many challenges, such as the restrictions on learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the education gap for economic and geographical reasons.

The University of Electro-Communications (UEC) has led cutting-edge science and technology education, with a history of producing many recognized researchers and engineers. As a media company, Nikkei BP has been delivering the latest updates on advanced technologies to a broader public via its publications such as Nikkei xTECH in digital format and professional magazines Nikkei Electronics and Nikkei Computer. Capitalizing on such expertise and experience, both parties will join hands to foster human resources with in-depth and rich knowledge of society and technology issues.

Details of Agreed Programs

1. Access to and Use of Nikkei BP’s Technology Media

The students and faculty of UEC are provided with a free subscription to Nikkei BP’s paid digital magazine on technology, Nikkei xTECH (monthly subscription: JPY2,500.) UEC will have access to use the articles from Nikkei xTECH for their classes, seminars, and other regular educational activities. The content can also serve as a valuable source for students to study companies and industries for job-hunting activities or improve their digital literacy, such as programming skills.

Furthermore, UEC will conduct a joint study with Nikkei BP on using technology-focused media to motivate their students to learn more. Based on the results, Nikkei BP will provide information for further promoting the learning of students majoring in technology.

2. Promotion of Technology Journalism Education

Technology journalism covers the latest topics at the forefront of technological development and application. Journalists analyze and report on the pros and cons of such progress. This activity is essential for the healthy and well-balanced development of technologies. However, many students majoring in engineering and science have had limited opportunities to access such journalism activities.

For this reason, UEC and Nikkei BP will partner in the education of technology journalism. Through cooperating with the UEC faculty, active reporters and editors from Nikkei BP will speak as guest lecturers at classes of UEC to give guidance on the significance of technology journalism and what it is like to work as a technology journalist.

3. Internships for Supporting Career Development

To foster the understanding of technology journalism and get a hands-on experience on how society and technology are connected, Nikkei BP and UEC will jointly provide internship opportunities for UEC students and support their career development.

Students participating in the internships will join editorial teams of Nikkei BP’s technology media and experience working as a reporter. Through such experience in journalism, Nikkei BP will support students to think about their career paths from a broader perspective while also instructing them to improve their communication skills, such as covering news and writing for readers.

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