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Nikkei xTREND Announces Business with Growth Potential in 2022 First Half Ranking

  • It compiled Trend Map 2022 First Half, an independent semi-annual survey on total 85 keywords.
  • SDGs, Carbon Neutral, Sustainable/Ethical Consumption increased score for the economic impact.
  • New keywords of Metaverse and Web3 remained sluggish in the score for the future potential.

Tokyo, May 6, 2022 – Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Naoto Yoshida; Minato-ku, Tokyo) announced the Trend Map 2022 First Half by Nikkei xTREND, specialized media focusing on marketing and innovation. The Trend Map is compiled with the aim of identifying upcoming trends in the fields of "marketing", "technology", and "consumption trend" and introduces the notable keywords in ranking order.

Three fields of marketing, technology, and consumption have been changing drastically, with various related buzzwords emerging in rapid succession. To identify medium-to-long term trends to watch in these fields, Trend Map makes use of the accumulated knowledge of experts from different fields, including reporters from the editorial team and a board of some 50 external advisors who support the activities of Nikkei xTREND. The results of analysis are mapped onto a chart using scores for "economic impact" and "future potential" at this point.

Compared to the previous survey conducted in August 2021, the keywords that achieved the most increase in the score for the future potential are: "Voice-based Social Media", "Influencer Marketing", and "Live Commerce" in marketing; "Flying Vehicle" in technology; "the 100-year Life" and "Instagrammable" in consumption trend.

In the score for the economic impact, "Design Thinking" and "SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)" in marketing have emerged, and "Carbon Neutral (net-zero greenhouse gas emissions)" and "Cloud" in technology, and "Sustainable/Ethical Consumption" and "Cashless Payment (QR code payment, etc.)" in consumption trend have rapidly advanced.

Ranking of Keywords with Improved Score by Field (vs 2021 Second Half Survey)
FieldRankKeywordScorevs Previous Survey
Future potential Marketing1Voice-based Social Media2.95 +0.37
2Influencer Marketing3.44 +0.27
2Live Commerce3.71 +0.27
Technology 1Flying Vehicle3.53 +0.28
Consumption trend 1 The 100-year Life 3.92 +0.48
2 Instagrammable 3.36 +0.36
Economic impact Marketing 1 Design Thinking 2.88 +0.43
2 SDGs 3.50 +0.40
Technology 1 Carbon Neutral 3.58 +0.55
2 Cloud 4.39 +0.30
Consumption trend 1 Sustainable/Ethical Consumption 3.18 +0.43
2Cashless Payment(QR code payment, etc.)4.03 +0.40

Four keywords have been newly added in this survey: "Metaverse" in marketing; "Web3" in technology; "Creator Economy" and "Travel Points (point earning by eco-friendly travel)" in consumption trend.

Scores of New Keywords for Future Potential
Consumption trendCreator Economy3.69
Travel Points (point earning by eco-friendly travel)3.29

The survey for Trend Map 2022 First Half was conducted from late-March to early-April in 2022, when the measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 issued in 18 prefectures had been lifted and the momentum for the post-Corona was growing. The key topics are as follows.

The scores of all keywords in the latest Trend Map and the detailed interpretive articles are posted on the Nikkei xTREND website ( from May 6, 2022.

Keyword Ranking in Trend Map 2022 First Half (High scores over 4.00 indicated in blue and red)
Field Rank Keyword Score
Future Potential  Marketing 1 EC (Internet shopping) 4.52
2 D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) 4.19
3 SDGs 4.12
3 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 4.12
Technology 1 Cloud 4.45
1 AI (Artificial Intelligence) 4.45
2 5G (5th generation mobile communication system) 4.33
3 Remote Medical Care 4.31
3 Autonomous Driving 4.31
Consumption trend 1 Cashless Payment (QR code payment, etc.) 4.51
2 Sustainable/Ethical Consumption 4.18
3 MaaS (Mobility as a Service) 4.13
Economic Impact Marketing 1 EC (Internet shopping) 4.2
2 SDGs 3.5
3 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 3.48
Technology 1 Smartphones 4.79
2 Cloud 4.39
3 DX (Digital Transformation) 3.75
3 AI (Artificial Intelligence) 3.75
Consumption trend 1 Cashless Payment (QR code payment, etc.) 4.03
2 Dual-income 3.59
3 Koto (Experiences) Consumption 3.33

Trend Map Marketing Field Example

Trend Map Marketing Field Example

Example of Trend Map marketing field

[Highlights in Trend Map 2022 First Half]

"SDGs", "Carbon Neutral", and "Sustainable/Ethical Consumption" boosted the score for the economic impact.

Compared to the previous survey, "SDGs" in marketing, "Carbon Neutral" in technology, and "Sustainable/Ethical Consumption" in consumption trend greatly boosted the score for the economic impact. This is the first time since the commencement of the survey in 2018 for these key words to be highly assessed alongside in three fields.

Japanese government in October 2020 declared 2050 Carbon Neutral and in April 2021 announced the 46% reduction goal of greenhouse gas in 2030 against 2013. Accordingly, with the target clearly indicated, companies started to fully be committed to their initiatives and consumers' mindset has been largely changing. It can be said that we are now in the era that the contribution to environment and social issues have a genuine impact on the real economy.

"Voice-based Social Media" and "Live Commerce" in marketing boosted the score for the future potential.

In "Voice-based Social Media", the enthusiastic boom of "Clubhouse" has gone, but there are gradually increasing habits among young people to listen to the radio and Podcast. With continuing growth of "Voicy", a service for everyone to be able to "launch" internet radio and "Parallel", a voice call app, the voice-based advertising market is expected to expand in future.

Although "Live Commerce" in Japan has been through the period of winter-like hardship, the live streaming app such as "17LIVE" and "Pococha" has been steadily growing. Having a good chemistry with "Creator Economy", an economic zone mainly for individuals that is rapidly growing and D2C (Direct to Consumer) brands, the expectation for full penetration is reflected in the survey results.

New keywords of "Metaverse" and "Web3" remained sluggish in the score for the future potential.

"Metaverse" is another world beyond reality, as it is called, that is created virtually on the internet. "Web3" is a decentralized internet that users operate while they share and manage data themselves. Massive investment has been made in these two in the world. In this survey, however, both got score for the future potential below "4.00" which is a benchmark of high level, receiving only mid-level assessment. In a backlash from its rapid penetration as a buzzword, now is a stage to calmly discuss regarding its impact to business. Once various industries started to have connections with them in future, the growth expectation will instantly grow.

Analysis Method of Trend Map 2022 First Half

The survey was conducted from late-March to early-April 2022. The Nikkei xTREND editorial team selected total 85 keywords: 29 keywords in marketing; 27 keywords in technology; 29 keywords in consumption trend. Then the team asked the people who are knowledgeable about the keywords to evaluate each of them on a scale of one to five points in terms of the economic impact and the future potential at this point. Choices for the answer are as listed below.

[Economic impact]

1. Bring no profit to any company / 2. Impact on profit of a handful of companies (10-20%) / 3. Impact on profit of some companies (30-50%) / 4. Impact on profit of great majority of companies (60-80%) / 5. Essential for the whole society

[Future potential (=Contribution to corporate profitability and impact on social innovation) ]

Future potential is: 1. Low / 2. Rather low / 3. Can't say either / 4. Rather high / 5. High

[About Nikkei xTREND]

Nikkei xTREND ( is digital media delivering updates on marketing strategies, product development, and new business creation. It features in-depth news based on data and case studies at the forefront of new product development as well as marketing and business strategies by companies drastically changing with the progress of digital technologies. It assists with the identification of key elements in "hot-selling products" and "new service development. Nikkei xTREND provides services mainly through its website and smartphone site, targeting a broad range of business professionals involved in corporate business planning, new business development, product planning/development, IT systems, marketing, sales, and customer relationship.

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