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The 2nd Nikkei Women Empowerment Advertising Awards Winners Selected
Tokai Television Broadcasting wins Unstereotype Advertising Award, with Ajinomoto Frozen Foods winning Judge’s Special Award and Tsumura winning Nikkei Special Award

Tokyo - October 1, 2021 - Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. (President & CEO: Naoto Yoshida; Minato-ku, Tokyo) and Nikkei Inc. have announced the winners of Nikkei Women Empowerment Advertising Awards. TOKAI TELEVISION BROADCASTING CO., LTD, Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Inc. and TSUMURA & CO. have been selected as the recipients of the Unstereotype Advertising Award, the Unstereotype Advertising Award Judge’s Special Award, and the Nikkei Special Award, respectively.

With the aim of breaking gender-based stereotypes and supporting the empowerment of women, the awards are granted with the cooperation and support of the UN Women Japan Liaison Office. This is the second year the awards have been presented.

The screening committee was held in Tokyo on September 22 and 24, and selected winners by focusing on the principle of the 3Ps framework advocated by the Unstereotype Alliance (Presence: whether it includes diversified people, Perspective: whether it equally takes up perspectives of men and women, and Personality: whether it characterizes as someone with personality and independence). The selection was also made based on insights into challenges, creative strategy to solve them, and whether it created opportunities to transform people’s stereotypes and behaviors.

After screening, the committee selected “Living in a Gender Inequality Country” by TOKAI TELEVISION BROADCASTING CO., LTD as the winner of Unstereotype Advertising Award, while “The Frozen Gyoza (Dumpling) Debate” by Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Inc. for Unstereotype Advertising Award Judge’s Special Award.

“Living in a Gender Inequality country” is TV ads aired in May 2021. It highlights the gender issues around us through interviews with people of different genders, generations, and positions. TV industry that has yet to be fully advancing gender equality was highly evaluated for its spirit that challenged this theme.

Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Inc.’ “The Frozen Gyoza (Dumpling) Debate” is an activity through the company’s social media and web videos. In August 2020, its official account responded to the topics on Twitter, “frozen gyoza” and “lazy cooking”, saying “frozen gyoza is not lazy cooking but saves your time and efforts”. This post made headlines by having 440,000 likes and 22.2 million impressions as well as various media coverage. It released web video “how to cook delicious frozen gyoza” in October 2020. Its approach by buzzing the straightforward word of “saving time and effort” was highly evaluated as an action to reverse the stereotypes of “frozen food is lazy cooking”.

The Nikkei Special Award went to TSUMURA & CO.’s “#OneMoreChoice Project,” which aims to help all woman to live comfortably and without undue burdens imposed by physical and mental disorders. It has been deployed in various media including newspapers ads, web videos, web articles, and Twitter. It received high evaluation as an action to change the stereotypes of “you should put up with disorders”.

The 2nd Nikkei Women Empowerment Advertising Awards

Organizers: Nikkei Inc., Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Collaborators: UN Women Japan Liaison Office, Japan Advertisers Association
Supporters: Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Period for submitted ads: September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021
Candidates eligible for the Unstereotype Advertising Award: Ads aired, placed or posted digitally, in newspapers or magazines or on television or radio
Candidates eligible for the Nikkei Special Award: Ads placed in the Nikkei newspaper or publicized through other types of Nikkei Group media

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