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Nikkei WOMAN announces “Woman of the Year 2021”
The grand award goes to company owner who achieved listing on TSE Mothers with “Anybody as ‘One-hour consultant’” service.

Tokyo – November 27, 2020 – Nikkei Woman, a women’s career and lifestyle magazine published by Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Naoto Yoshida; Minato-ku, Tokyo) announced the seven winners of its Woman of the Year 2021. The Award is to honor accomplishments of women who showed outstanding performance in various quarters.

The “Woman of the year 2021” award winner is Ms. Eiko Hashiba, 42-year-old CEO of VisasQ Inc.  

Ms. Hashiba, an elite business manager, is also the co-founder of VisasQ Inc., 2012, has successfully taken her company public on TSE Mothers the year of 2020. Their innovative business model connects individuals with diverse expertise and companies in need of such ideas. This opportunity for a one-hour “on-the-spot consulting” has positively affected the company’s performance and stock prices in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. By providing opportunities for individuals to utilize their skills apart from their affiliation their business is especially notable in the novel working methods in the online age and the 100-year-life era. Ms. Hashiba has been recognized for her great effort and excellence in expanding a pioneering business, successfully listing despite the unstable worldwide stock market under the COVID-19 pandemic.

The other recipients are as follows.

Award Winners

Ms. Haruka Mera, CEO of READYFOR Co., Ltd
Contributed to COVID-19 countermeasures via crowdfunding, namely the establishment of “Corona Foundation” which has collected almost 1 billion yen.

Ms. Yhuko Ogata, President & CEO of Melody International Ltd.
Developer of online gynecological checkup system, a targeting the international market from rural business.

Ms. Rieko Muramoto, President and CEO of Peace Tec Lab, Inc.
Founded of inter-person(individuals) rental via “The Fifth Life” with great success. For becoming the role model and embodiment of the 100-year-life era.

Ms. Tamaki Sano, Executive Officer of Health Science Department at Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.
Rebranded the slumped lactic acid bacteria business. Created the hit product to receive first government certification for functional food boosting “immunity”.

Ms. Chie Yamano, Representative Director at “Take Over as Startup” Support for the General Incorporated Association
Leader of support groups for small and medium business successors, encouraging successors to create new business ventures.

Ms. Arisa Nakamura, CEO of OASYS style wear Inc.
“Workwear suit” that looks like a suit, product from a waterworks company unrelated to apparel business creates a one-billion-yen hit.

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