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Nikkei BP announces results of conducted survey, “Promising Technologies Bringing Drastic Changes to the Market”
Results show the top technology which will expand existing businesses by 10 times is autonomous driving technology, followed by genome editing technology.

Tokyo, October 26, 2020 - Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Naoto Yoshida; Minato-ku, Tokyo) announced the results of their survey “Promising Technologies Bringing Drastic Changes to the Market”

This survey subject covered technology studies being carried out by five different Japanese national research and development institutions, covering three aspects. First regarding experimental technologies still on trial but most likely to be implemented within the next five years and its impact on society. Second, the effects expected on existing businesses’ profits, and thirdly futuristic expectations.

Details can be found on “Next-generation Impact 101: Promising Technologies Bringing Drastic Changes to the Market, its business area, use, and reasons (all 768 responses)” published 26th October.

Since 2018, five research institutions have announced approximately 3000 research themes which have been noted successful in some way. Out of these, 101 technologies which showed promise were chosen as survey subjects. Questionnaires and interviews were conducted targeting three hundred businesspersons with actual working experience in related fields to calculate the social impact these technologies could bring.

Based on our original scoring system, we ranked each technology by criterion for its “usefulness for existing businesses” and “future expectations”. Autonomous driving came first in the combined ranking of both criteria. It is followed by “gene therapy/genome editing” which lead to the winning of the 2020 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. They are followed by technologies such as “smart agriculture,” “next-generation iPS cell technology,” and “remote medical AI”. Autonomous driving was the only technology to score above 300 points, an obvious indication of its high expectations.

Impact on Existing Businesses and Future Expectations of the 101 Next-generation Technologies: Survey Results

Long-term economic trends and social situations as well as drastic changes such as the failure of Lehman Brothers have brought a change in people’s values. Namely, the recent rise of subscription business models, digitized societies created by smartphones and SNS (social network services), and the ever-expanding need of contactless interaction post-coronavirus outbreak are typical to these major changes.

These changes in public values are forcing many companies towards transformation. Not only do they have to maintain their conventional business models, but also must create “new value” to attract clients. One of the driving forces creating “new value” most definitely is technological advance bringing major changes in industries: making the impossible, possible.

Our survey results illustrate the application image of each technology, future business trends, and the underlying market capacity.

Take for example, autonomous driving. Respondents listed the following keywords: old age, labor shortage, production, control, energy, among others. These keywords are clear indication of high expectations for its application in depopulated areas, production sites, and energy network. Similarly, for gene therapy/genome editing technology, there were keywords notably related to COVID-19 countermeasures such as “corona”, “virus”, and “immunity”. Others keywords like “individual”, “disease”, “contraction”, and “analysis” indicate development in the medical field the near future.

Furthermore, we have analytically categorized technologies which anticipate more growth, why, and possible business prototypes. These are thirteen business industries including material and chemical, electronics, pharmaceuticals or bio products. For example, in regards to the electronic industry, technology such as autonomous driving, livelihood-support robot system, AI-controlled traffic lights, quantum computers, and flexible electronics are considered highly promising to expand business by 10 times.

“Next-generation Impact 101: Survey on Promising Technologies Bringing Drastic Changes to the Market its business area, use, and reasons (all 768 responses)”:

We have chosen 101 technologies with promising outlooks from approximately 3000 research contents that five Japanese national research and development institutions have been working on in recent years. 300 businesspersons’ assessments have been surveyed and analyzed: the prospect of each technologies’ effect on existing business, expectations, reason for their choices, and specific business project images.

Outline of the 101 technology, business development plan for each industry segment, and multilateral analysis of high-rated technology are published along with their expectation ranking. This survey was conducted with the cooperation of Industrial Marketing Consultants Co., Ltd. in the selection of 101 technologies, and VisasQ Inc. with the questionnaires and interviews targeting the businesspersons.
Issued report accessible from the following link:

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