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Nikkei BP Announces Business Merger with Nikkei Publishing Inc.

Tokyo - October 23, 2019 - Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Naoto Yoshida; Minato-ku, Tokyo) announced today the business merger from April 1, 2020 with Nikkei Publishing Inc. (President & CEO: Yutaka Kaneko; Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), an affiliate under the same Nikkei Group. Nikkei BP will be the surviving company. The combined company will strengthen the management platform for Nikkei Group's publishing business and continue to publish quality books focusing on economy and business topics.

Nikkei BP has been a publisher of quality books in a wide range of fields including business, technology, medical care and lifestyle, while Nikkei Publishing has been a quality publisher of books in economy, management and business. After this business merger, Nikkei BP will become Nikkei Group’s sole publisher dealing with various genres including the publication of specialized books in economy, management, business, technology and medical care as well as lifestyle books and literature, in the form of hardcover books and paperbacks, electronic publications, book-like magazines, video software, and customized publication. The Group’s book publishing department will expand to generate the sales of over 9 billion yen, when the estimated sales for 2019 is combined, with the number of new publications exceeding 700 books a year.

Upon this merger, Nikkei BP will newly establish the Nikkei Publishing Headquarters, which will take over Nikkei Publishing’s operation of editing and producing books, electronic publications, video software and other related materials. The Headquarters will publish specialized books on economy, self-development, management and business among other topics under the new brand. Nikkei BP will operate its business under multiple brands with the existing Nikkei BP brand. The publications under both brands will be issued by Nikkei BP and distributed by Nikkei BP Marketing.

Looking through the global economy, technological innovations are rapidly progressing as seen in the penetration of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual currency as well as the use of digital data. These lead the world to a major turning point for changing the current business model and the capitalist system. After the merger, Nikkei BP is committed to continue publishing a wide range of quality books focusing on specialized fields that will provide useful insights for business people, while contributing to society as a publisher foreseeing the future ahead of the uncertain times.

Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Established in 1969 (initially founded as a joint venture of Nikkei and McGraw-Hill, USA). Capital: JPY 400 million, Sales: JPY 36,784 million

Nikkei Publishing Inc.
Split-up from the Nikkei’s Publishing Office and established in 2007,
Capital: JPY100 million, Sales: JPY3,567 million

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