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“Nikkei TechFind” launched to save labor in gathering technical information
Powerful tool for mid-long term strategy and new business planning

Tokyo – October 9, 2019 – Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Naoto Yoshida; Tokyo) launched an information-gathering service “Nikkei TechFind” that enables to save labor and shorten time for research and material preparation in the field of technology.

It has become more important to research and analyze the spread of technology and the impact on business in the companies’ mid-long term strategy and new business formulation. For research institutions, research and analysis are essential to foresee in what areas there exists potential market where R&D technology can be applied. It, however, is a challenge to take time to collect information and understand contents. On top of this, the level of credibility of the information collected has to be assessed.

Nikkei TechFind is an online service that supports effective information-gathering and analysis aiming to get insight into the spread of technology and the impact on business. Its strength is to cross-sectionally collect information on press releases, patent, and R&D, as well as Nikkei BP’s vast technical contents. It enables to instantly research technology and business trend that you want to know from many directions in a phase of management and business planning, technical strategy planning, and business partner exploring.

Prior to launch of the service by Nikkei TechFind, Nikkei BP has been offering trial version (beta version) to some of the users from June 2019. We received high evaluations such as “by performing a search for the issue, it is easy to get to the solution and verify the hypotheses”, “since articles of specialty magazines, press releases, and patent information can be searched at a time, research work progresses efficiently”, and “we can quickly get the market outlook for different industries.”

In future, Nikkei BP will expand and enhance the functions of Nikkei TechFind with the aim of further efficiency of information-gathering and analysis for companies and research institutions.

Outline of the service

Nikkei TechFind

“Nikkei xTECH” articles including Nikkei BP’s technical specialist magazines (2016 -)
Press releases by major and listed companies and government offices
Japanese policy information
R&D information supported by public institutions
Securities report of companies
Japanese patent information

Functions provided:
Keyword analysis (display of related terms and relevant companies and industries for search terms)
Cross-sectional research and collection of contents (displayed in order of relevance)
Illustration search
Company survey (cross-sectional survey of individual or multiple companies)
Support for preparation of material (output of results of research by electronic data)

Price of the service:
Basic contract (one year usage) from JPY1.8 million (excl. tax)

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