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“Beyond Health” launched on May 14, 2019
To create health and wellness innovation

Tokyo – May 14, 2019 – Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Naoto Yoshida; Tokyo) launched its new website “Beyond Health – To bring disruptive innovation to health & wellness” to deliver the latest information to all people who wish to create health and medical innovation
Average life expectancy is growing, and Japan is looking ahead to “the age of 100 years of wellbeing”. To deal with various social problems associated with the declining birthrate and aging population, we need to innovate healthcare (wellness, medical care, nursing care) to tackle issues such as changes in disease structure, increasing social security costs, and regional inequality of available medical care services.
Long life and wellbeing are only passing points, as our real goals are to solve social problems and realize a society where more people can enjoy longevity by spending every day with comfort, motivation and joy. All players across the industry and sector need to revolutionize technology and create new value to achieve innovation.

Our website “Beyond Health” provides information on people, things, and ideas and brings about disruptive innovation in traditional healthcare systems.

[Outline of Beyond Health]

Beyond Health – To bring disruptive innovation to health & wellness -

Media for people who wish to innovate in the health and wellness industry.

Entrepreneur and venture/startup management, businessperson seeking new business, individual working on social issues in the health and wellness industry.


Website launched:
May 14, 2019

Subscription fee:
Free of charge

Along with the information on our website “Beyond Health”, we provide a business platform that brings together people, things, and ideas to create innovation. We also offer seminars, roundtables, future chronology, and awards. Beyond Health is operated by Nikkei BP Intelligence Group.

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