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2019 Nikkei BP Marketing Awards Winners Announced
- HEISHIN Ltd. “Go! Heishin” Series Advertising Won Grand Prize

Tokyo - March 8, 2019 - Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Suguru Niinomi; Tokyo) announced the winners of Nikkei BP Marketing Awards 2019.

Nikkei BP Marketing Awards aim to recognize the most effective promotional activities of its clients employing the full benefits of various media, contents and survey services provided by Nikkei Business Publications. The awarded campaigns and advertising pieces were screened by third-party experts under the criteria of design aesthetics, impact, planning ability and intelligibility. Nikkei BP Marketing Awards broaden the scope of evaluation to include the methods and strategies of marketing campaigns as well as advertising pieces themselves.

The final meeting of the Screening Committee (Chairman: Professor Akihiro Inoue) held on Thursday, February 21 honored the 10 works of 10 companies selected from the projects promoted with Nikkei BP’s media and contents during 2018.

[Grand Prize]
HEISHIN : “Go! Heishin” series advertising

[Creative Category]

<Best Creative Award>
SUS Corporation: Aluminum structural material and parts, “Learn and try with Miniature Karakuri (training kits)”

<Excellent Creative Awards>
Sumitomo Bakelite: Wisdom of Japan, wisdom of plastic
TOTO: Change. Make it change. Public toilet. TOTO PUBLIC STYLE

[Strategy Category]

<Best Strategy Award>
Japan Airlines: SKY NEXT, Free Wi-Fi on domestic flights promotion

<Excellent Strategy Awards>
Intel: PCs used in business (Small business, Middle business)
Carl Zeiss: Carl Zeiss metrology solution
KDDI:DMP based branding advertising (Account Based Marketing)
Toyota Motor: TOYOTA 5 Continents Drive Project

[National Geographic Japan Advertising Award] (separately judged)
Seiko Watch: #Discover Your Planet

(The same award winners are listed in Japanese alphabetical order.)

[Screening Committee] (honorifics omitted)

  • Chairman: Akihiro Inoue, Professor, Keio University Business School
  • Members:
    • Masahiko Ishii, Corporate Officer in charge of Newspapers & Magazines, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Incorporated
    • Toru Ishizaki, Professor, Senshu University
    • Izumi Okoshi, Executive Business Creation Director, Dentsu Innovation Initiative, Dentsu Inc.
    • Hiroto Kobayashi, CVO, INFOBAHN Inc.
    • Mitsuo Sakai, CEO, BRAINS GATE Co., Ltd.
    • Shuji Honjo, Business Consultant / Visiting Professor, Tama University (MBA)
    • Yasutaka Yoshimura, Architect / Professor, Waseda University
    • Meguru Saito, Senior Executive Officer in charge of Advertisement, Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
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