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Nikkei ARIA and NIKKEI doors
Simultaneous launch of two web media on February 18, targeting working women of different age groups

Tokyo – February18, 2019– Nikkei Business Publications (President & CEO: Suguru Niinomi; Tokyo) announced the simultaneous launch of two web media for women, Nikkei ARIA and Nikkei doors; the former for women in their 40’s and 50’s, the latter for those in their 20’s and 30’s. These two along with Nikkei DUAL, the five-year-old web media for working moms and dads, make up the landmark project, Nikkei xwoman (Nikkei crosswoman), its key purpose to support working women.

Nikkei ARIA will cover a wide range of topics in view of the ever-growing number of female executives and the 100-year life era. These include articles on work, pursued learning, leisure, finance, beauty and health, and personal relationships. This web site will post both video and audio tutorials, theme-based seminars by well-known specialists of respective fields, and salon-style study services. Members will also be able to exchange and share useful information via online "meeting rooms".

Nikkei doors targets single women in their 20’s through 30’s who are highly motivated to advance in their career. This website aims to provide helpful hints for major life events such as job change, marriage, childbirth and motherhood. These would include useful tips on continued learning and self-improvement, do’s and don’ts when taking on multiple jobs, interviews with easy-to-relate-to role models, and topics like choosing the right partner. Other contents will tickle the curious with items such as manga, fortunetelling and psychological quizzes relating to jobs and careers.

Media Overview

Title: Nikkei ARIA

Concept: Web media embracing the adult who pursues work, learning, and leisure
Assumed readership: Working women in their 40s through 50s
Web site:

Title: Nikkei doors

Concept: Web media to help work and life-style of those who choose to live true to themselves
Assumed readership: Working women in their 20s through 30s
Web site:

Nikkei xwoman Project
Web site:

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