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Providing Cutting-Edge Information on Management, Technology, and Life

Magazines and Newsletters

Nikkei BP's magazines and newsletters cover a wide range of information, from business, personal computing, computer, electronics, machinery, construction, and healthcare/biotechnology to lifestyle, health, and entertainment.

The magazines are either delivered directly to the subscribers or sold at bookstores. The annual subscription magazines are business-to-business, each covering a specialized area. With detailed subscriber profile at hand, they offer content and advertisements meeting the needs of the readers.

Our consumer titles that can be purchased at bookstores and convenience stores are for the more general readership. Each title contains unique information that only Nikkei BP can offer, leveraging the information, know-how, and the analytical ability that we have gained through our experience with our business-to-business magazines. Our business-to-business magazines become more solid by having the interface of consumer magazines, while consumer magazines gain another level of strength with business-to-business information at their bases.

Such synergy of business-to-business and consumer magazines is made possible only because we have a clear profile of our readers. Every one of Nikkei BP's magazines and newsletters is a medium that mirrors its readership.

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