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Tradeshows and Seminars

Watch, Listen, and Touch – Face-to-Face Opportunities across Japan, and overseas

Full collaborative support of Nikkei BP’s magazines and online media

Nikkei BP holds a number of B-to-B and B-to-C trade shows and cover a wide range of fields, including IT, electronics, gaming, human resources, inbound, and introducing state-of-the-art products and services of the trend. We consider trade shows as a form of medium enabling direct experiences – opportunities for visitors to touch and learn about the products and services firsthand and for exhibitors to promote their products to their prospective customers face-to-face.

Nikkei BP will continue staging even more effective communication opportunities with our cross-media approach combining events, magazines, and online media. Many of our trade shows hold seminars on related topics, too, to make the experience even more informative and enriched one.

Our knowhow in publishing magazines is used to the fullest in designing the original exhibits and concurrently-held seminar programs. The collaboration with magazines and online media has proven enormously effective both in making announcements of the event to boost turnout and in delivering news during and after the event. With clear targeting, our events bring considerable benefits to both the exhibitors and the visitors.

Hosting Events across Japan, Asia, and Europe

Nikkei BP hosts a number of trade shows in major cities in Japan as well as Tokyo, to expand opportunities to experience latest products and services for those who cannot visit exhibitions held in the capital city. Our efforts are highly appreciated by both exhibitors and visitors to the events. We also organize a series of events in other parts of Asia including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Taiwan and also in Europe, U.S. and Africa to actively promote access to the latest developments from Japan to the world.

Major Events

event 02ITpro EXPO

event 04Human Capital

event 01Tokyo Game Show

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