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Long Sellers and Books on Hot Subjects

Our lineup covers broad interests, from business classics to academic books for university foundation courses. Editions customized for university curricula are also well-received.

We produce over 60 company magazines periodically.

Nikkei Business Publications is also focusing on publication of books, mooks (magazine + book), and customized publications. Nearly 550 titles are published yearly as books and mooks, while 60 titles of customized periodicals, such as membership magazines, are published yearly upon requests from corporations.

Along with the Book Publishing Bureau that plays a central role in book publication, the editorial department of each magazine and newsletter publishes a variety of specialized publications in forms of special issues, mooks, and books, leveraging the expertise in each field. Since these editors know best what the needs of the readers are and how to provide information that meets their needs, their publications also gain strong support among the people in educational institutions including colleges. Our custom publications, produced by editorial staff who are well-versed in magazine-making, have a high reputation for the quality.

Most of our direct-sales books are highly specialized and are publicized in our magazines of related fields. Some of the books can be purchased both directly from us and at stores. Others are available in the form of e-books and content for mobile phones.


The Visionary Company series is a super long seller we proudly release in the business management category, which is cited as a book collection to keep over a lifetime by many Japanese business leaders. Jinsei no odo (Universal Philosophy to Live Correctly) and Ogura Masao: Keieigaku (Masao Ogura’s theory of management) are both long-selling standard books on management in our portfolio. Japanese editions of Milton Freedman’s Capitalism and Freedom and Peter Drucker’s Management are also popular in the Nikkei BP Classics series revisiting time-proven masterpieces in newly edited translation.

In the area of technology publications, we continue to produce fast-selling titles including Program wa naze ugokunoka (How Program Works), marking 680,000 copies sold in total, and Shogakusei kara hajimeru wakuwaku programming (Exciting programming for elementary school children).

Our recent successes are represented by giant best sellers penned by influential CEOs in and outside of Japan, such as Steve Jobs, kyoi no purezen (original title: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs) and Jeff Bezos hateshinaki yabo (original title: The Everything Store), and Hoshino Resort no kyokasho. Other popular titles that have attracted a wide range of readers include; 2052, Moho no keieigaku (Good Imitation to Great Innovation), Nihonkeizai ga tenitoruyoni wakaruhon (A book that gives you clear and distinct ideas about the Japanese economy), Ikegami Akira no kyoyo no susume (The Value of Liberal Arts Education by Akira Ikegami), and Creative Mindset (original title: Creative Confidence).

Textbooks (academic books)

Nikkei BP also places a strong focus on educational publishing. Our textbooks are chosen by a wide range of educational institutions, including universities, vocational schools and computer training schools. Some of the popular titles include: The Seminar Textbook series guiding on hands-on tips to operate Microsoft Office software effectively from today, the Sokusenryoku ni naru! (Be work ready!) series targeting new employees to learn essential business skills in general, Keyword de rikaisuru saishin jyoho literacy (Keywords to understand latest information literacy) providing readers with comprehensive knowledge on computer networks from basics to latest updates.

Company Media

Nikkei BP Consulting, one of our group companies, has custom publishing department. We edit and produce a wide range of publications for our clients, e.g., credit card company's membership magazines for gold card holders, airline's in-flight magazines, financial institution's finance guide for beginners, IT company's technical information magazines, PR publications of colleges and government offices, and books and mooks published by corporations and corporate managers. Our periodical custom publications have a particularly high reputation. Some 60 titles big and small are produced by 70 staff with experience and expertise, including editor-in-chiefs of our magazines.

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