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Global Marketing

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Expanding International Projects with Overseas Hubs and Event Promotion

Nikkei BP is expanding its global reach on the back of strong overseas networks, while organizing specialized events actively around the world. Our international editorial teams are based in New York, Silicon Valley, London, Shanghai, and Bangkok, and our affiliate is located in China to promote sales in the region.

Nikkei BP hosts a broad range of events in the Asia region, focusing on specialized topics in business management, IT, electronics, machinery and other professional fields where we have earned successful results in Japan. These events also provide opportunities for Japanese businesses eyeing to expand in the region. We have organized such events in China, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and other parts of Asia so far.


Forming Partnerships to Provide Information around the World

Many of Nikkei BP's B-to-B magazines utilize the cutting-edge information provided by leading overseas magazines and newspapers. Presently, we partner with numerous titles worldwide, including Financial Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The Economist, Caixin of China, Business Today of India, and many more in highly specialized fields of IT and healthcare.

The network of our sales offices and editorial bureaus across the world, combined with these partnerships, further adds depth to the news and analyses that Nikkei BP offers to the readers.

Meanwhile, Nikkei BP is taking an active approach for its magazine and book contents to be published in overseas. We have concluded content licensing agreements with several publishers in China, Taiwan and South Korea, and provide the editorial contents from our brands including Nikkei Business, Nikkei Electronics, Nikkei Health for local magazines and websites.

Covering various topics ranging from management, personal development, IT, medicine, architecture and health, Nikkei BP books translated in foreign languages have been published across Southeast Asia including Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam as well as China, Taiwan and South Korea.

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