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Various Business Approaches

Personal Information Protection

Established Management System to Secure Privacy

Protecting your privacy is one of the most important issues we care about, since we handle and store large sets of personal information collected from our magazine subscribers, exhibition visitors, online service registrants, interviewees, partners and other miscellaneous individuals. Even before the enforcement of the Personal Information Protection Law in Japan, Nikkei BP and its group companies have used our best efforts to protect personal information that we have collected, and secure them in accordance with the established management system to protect privacy. Specifically, we divide the functions of Nikkei BP and its group companies into some 100 divisions, and assign at least one personal data controller at each of those divisions to make sure that all staff comply with our internal rules and codes of conduct for handling privacy information. To keep upgrading the level of personal information protection at Nikkei BP, we offer compulsory trainings for controllers and online learning programs for all employees every year, while also implementing internal and third-party audit systems to solve challenges and issues in privacy control.

We ask our current and future readers to submit their inquiries, subscription orders, prize draw registration and other requests to Nikkei BP Fulfillment Services, Inc., as such communication containing personal information cannot be dealt directly by our editorial teams. This is for protecting your personal information that we collect in strictest confidence.

Environmental Approach

Moving Forward with Two Wheels of Internal Control and Encouragement of Social Efforts

Nikkei BP achieved ISO 14001 certification in 1999 and moved to self-declaration of conformance in July 2008. We are addressing environmental issues with company-wide efforts.

As a publisher that inevitably uses a large amount of paper, we consider it our responsibility to make the utmost efforts to reduce the burden that we place on the environment. Also, with global warming becoming more and more acute, we take it as one of our most important missions as a media company to provide information to help solve the environmental issues.

Environmental Leadership

We report via the Internet our impact on the environment as a result of our business activities and what we are doing to reduce environmental burdens. (

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