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As a magazine media and book publishing arm of the Nikkei Group, we publish across the three main categories of “Business & Management,” “Technology” and “Lifestyle” in both print and digital formats.

Our books are published not only in Japan but also around the world in a variety of languages through our license partners.

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02 Crossing borders

Having sold the foreign rights of more than 800 books, we are capable of offering the smoothest possible workflow for publishers wishing to translate and publish our content in their local languages.

Nikkei Business Publications
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03 Covering more than 40 industries
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Introduction of our internationally
licensed books

<Business and management>

“The Toyota Story: Strength of self-motivated workplace”

Rights sold to China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Russia

Workers at Toyota are trained to identify challenges and find solutions by themselves in their effort to break the norm for manufacturing in an even higher quality. The author of this book highlights such self-motivated workers as forming the core strength of Toyota.

<Business and management>

“Neuromanagement at 3M”

Rights sold to China

The author, having 30+ years of experience in R&D and BPR at 3M, introduces his unique neuroscientific approach to motivate teams and people. When a person takes a new challenge, it is human nature to have both positive and negative feelings. "Motivating them through inspiration, not manipulation, is the key," says the author.

<Business and management>

“Hospitality Experience Design of Hoshino Resorts”

Rights sold to China, Taiwan

This book analyzes the secrets of the expert resort operator from the design perspective. Hoshino Resorts Inc. is unlike any other in the Japanese resort industry. They continue to expand by undertaking and revitalizing the operations of dilapidated local inns and resort facilities across Japan through various unique tactics and know how. They are successful because they redesign not only the facilities but also the hospitality experience for their guests.


“The Philosophy of Top Management – Kazuo Inamori and His Followers”

Rights sold to China, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam

Featuring a long interview with Kazuo Inamori, Japan's renowned business leader, and the experiences spoken by his apprentices, this book seeks to find the answers to such fundamental questions as “What is expected of being a top manager?” and “What are the personal qualities to become a top manager?”

<Business skills>

“Look at the Reverse Side to Know How It Looks from the Front”

Rights sold to China, Taiwan, Korea

Oki Sato, a globally known Japanese designer who heads his design office "nendo", is always working on over 250 projects with clients around the world. His unique thinking methodology and action tactics for embodying novel ideas through teamwork are supported by many companies. This book introduces Sato's 10 keys for thought and 3 tactics for actions, which will include clues for the success of business professionals as well as designers.

<Business skills>

“Learn Advanced Logical Thinking Skills in Three Hours”

Rights sold to Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam

From the basics of logical thinking to cutting-edge terminologies, this book covers skills that all business professionals need to know for coming up with new ideas. Read this book and acquire the skills to summarize, to sense and understand spontaneously, to know the limits/applications, to connect ideas, and to produce good results.

* "Learn Advanced Leadership in Three Hours" also available as a seriesa

<Self development>

“Peaceful Communication with People You Don't Get Along with”

Rights sold to China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia

The essence is common to all kinds of communications. If you know that everyone has a different communication pattern and that the sense of assuredness moves people, dealing with others will come under a very simple theory. Don't think too hard, just try one of the methods introduced in this book. You will be surprised how much your relationships with others change drastically.

<Self development>

“Simple Rules to Make Life Better”

Rights sold to China, Taiwan, Korea

In this book, the author of "The Will Power Instinct" that sold over 600,000 copies in Japan discusses 25 concerns and challenges faced by Japanese businesspeople today. From time management to goalsetting, working on small things, expressing apologies and much more, she shares with us hints for solutions based on scientific approach evidenced by research results from the most well-known educational institutions of the world.


“Nikkei Technology Vision: 100 technologies to change the world”

Rights sold to China, Taiwan, Korea

How will the evolution of technology change the world? Among the new technologies born one after another, which one is promising and which one is obsolete? In this book, 30 editors of Nikkei BP's technology-specialized magazines and websites who know every detail of the various industries and sectors delve deep into the future of world-changing technologies.


“How to Drink for Health”

Rights sold to China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, UK

What are the "best tips for healthy drinking" practiced by alcohol-loving doctors, which will free you from weight gain, hangover and becoming ill? This book guides you on a wealth of knowledge, from self-care advices for healthy drinking, mechanisms and prevention of alcohol-related diseases as well as health trivia you might want to show off at a bar.


“When Your Doctor Tells You to Exercise”

Rights sold to Taiwan, Korea, Thailand

Even if our doctors tell us to "do some exercise", few of us can stick to the habit of exercising right away. This book guides on easy exercises you can start at home from today. Let's start from reading this book and practice medically-proven, most effective exercises instructed by Shuichi James Nakano, professional athletic trainer supporting the success of many athletes including Olympians.

<Japan travel>

“Japan's Legacy Architecture”

Rights sold to China and Taiwan

This guidebook introduces the must-see historical architecture sites in Japan, covering the well-known masterpieces such as Horyuji, the world's oldest wooden structure, the Akasaka Palace, the State Guest House built in 1909 with influences from the Palais du Louvre. The text, the photographs and the highly detailed illustrations are sure to fascinate all readers.


“Japanese Sword—Sacred Weapon of the God”

Rights sold to France, Italy

With a rich collection of captivating photographs, this book taps into the mystery of Japanese sword, the most powerful and beautiful weapon on earth. Said to have the hardest blade in the world, it is a weapon as well as an art piece, sometimes admired as a sacred treasure. See and read the fascinating process of Japanese sword-making by Kunihira Kawachi, one of the best swordsmiths of our time.

Many more are traveling far and wide

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