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Nikkei ESG The Environment, Society, Governance (ESG) Magazine for Corporate Enhancement
Nikkei ESG

Expectations of business practices are changing drastically. Corporate awareness of ESG, or environmental, social, and governance factors are becoming key to building a stronger business foundation.

NIKKEI ESG subscribers read about ESG-related matters, both domestic and overseas, from investors' opinions to shifts in government and agency policies. Editorial contents also include new corporate practices, new businesses that solve social issues, and the latest trends in corporate governance.

NIKKEI ESG also organizes "NIKKEI ESG Management Forum". This forum aims to support member companies to effectively reflect ESG in their business operations. Seminars and symposiums, expert working group meetings are among the events held year-round. Various surveys are conducted to gather relevant information; these made available to members. The forum also seeks to promote its member companies' public outreach.

Core readership
  • Executive Management
  • Corporate Planning Dept.
  • Environmental・CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Dept.
  • Public Relations Dept.
  • Investor Relations Dept.
ABC (Number of subscriptions, Circulation)
First published
April 2018
Modified A4 (210 x 280 mm)
Four-color offset lithography
Sales method
Exclusively by annual subscription (direct mail delivery)
NIKKEI ESG Management Forum

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SIZE UNIT Nikkei ESG Management Forum
Membership Fee
General Fee
Four-color 1 page 580 1,000
Two-color 1 page 480 800
B/W 1 page 420 700
Four-color horiz. 1/2 page 380 550
B&W horiz. 1/2 page 280 350


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