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Nikkei doors Open the door to your own life
Nikkei doors

Open that door by yourself, and go one step forward. Open the door to “what you love to do”.
Your challenge may be the role model for somebody out there. Nikkei doors is a medium for supporting career and personal interest of those who choose to live one’s own life.

Core users
  • Working women in their 20s and 30s
Monthly page views
Number of unique browsers

Advertising Space

Advertising Space

Advertising Rates

Menu Rate Specifications
Billboard JPY6.0 per imp. W 970 × H 250 pixels/Up to 200KB
Rectangle JPY1.0 per imp. W 300 × H 250 pixels/Up to 200KB
In-feed JPY0.8 per imp. Image: W 80 x H 60/Up to 200KB
Text: Up to 28 full-width or half-width characters
Video header for smartphone JPY5.0 per imp. W 640 × H 360 pixels/Up to 4MB
CODEC: Visual H.264 /Audio AAC
Video length: From 15-30 seconds
Bit rate: Visual: 1,000kbps/Audio: 64kbps
Premium text JPY0.8 per imp. Up to 30 full-width characters
Text ad JPY0.5 per imp. Up to 30 full-width characters
Run of x woman (Rectangle) JPY0.6 per imp. W 300 × H 250 pixels/Up to 200KB

Accepted Formats

Nikkei BP only accepts banner ad materials created in GIF, JPEG or HTML5 formats for all of our websites.

Files Required

For GIF or JPEG format ads:

  • GIF or JPEG file
  • Link destination URL( to be included in the message body of your e-mail at the time of file submission.)

For HTML5 format ads:

Submission Deadline

Material must be submitted ten working days before release to allow time for approval and testing, regardless of whether the ad is to be served by Nikkei BP or a third party.

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