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Nikkei Electronics
July 2022
New trends in next-generation displays
June 2022
Major battles playing out in semiconductor supply chains
May 2022
Will the aerial display concept take off?
April 2022
Communications infrastructure overtaken by GAFAM
March 2022
LIB recycling progresses dramatically
—A pipe dream becomes a reality—
February 2022
Hyperspace visuals to follow 8K
New unveiling brought about by the “Metaverse”
January 2022
Smart cities full of problems
December 2021
An intensely competitive race for energy storage equipment
November 2021
Falling behind in the space business would be detrimental
October 2021
Road to 6G
Eliminating all “out of range” spots around the globe, linking people everywhere with URLLC
September 2021
Ubiquitous Ising machines
The dawn of the data democracy
August 2021
Apple tech gets bigger and bigger
July 2021
Advent of the super-advanced human
June 2021
The epic quantum network battle begins
“Sputnik crisis” triggers in the quantum era
May 2021
The “Gold Rush” of automated driving
Emerging forces join the competition with a view to untapped markets
April 2021
A society optimized by friendly coexistence with robots
March 2021
NTT’s great ambition for IOWN
Company strives to recapture next-generation information infrastructure with photoelectric fusion technology
February 2021
Home electronics manufacturers on the decline
Keys to recovery lie with IoT & AI
January 2021
The road to Zero Emissions by 2050
Forging ahead with rechargeable batteries, green hydrogen, and CO2 recycling
December 2020
“Happy Tech”:
Reading the hearts and minds of consumers, developing products and services to make them feel good
November 2020
Entire world goes digital
Three-dimensional data distribution leads to generalized streamlining
Octorber 2020
At long last: the blossoming of Ultra-Wide Band
September 2020
Japan emerges as leading force in wind-power generation
August 2020
Great things in store for the world of sound
—Sound manipulation is about to change the world—
July 2020
The new “contactless” factor in daily life originating in the U.S.
Big changes to supermarkets, distribution, and the sharing economy
June 2020
MRAM paves the way for “different dimension” in computing
Revolutionary changes in energy consumption, AI, and sensing
May 2020
“Teleportation” via avatar
Live in Tokyo, work in New York, study in London
April 2020
Warning signs for Intel and Huawei
Transition to 5G to weed out the weak
March 2020
Rapid rise in flying cars
Uber takes the lead, Toyota joins the market
February 2020
Technotrends beyond 2020
January 2020
USB4 becomes truly universal
Achieving uniformity of interface
December 2019
Motors starting not to look like motors
EV now full speed ahead
November 2019
Moving beyond time and space with AR/VR
Octorber 2019
Can we win out with solid Si?
SiC/GaN/GaO today
September 2019
AI translation surpasses humans
Breaking down the walls of language
August 2019
Sellable voice synthesis
July 2019
Companies working more and more with universities
A honeymoon period of corporate-academic collaboration
June 2019
The powered exoskeleton that turns you into a cyborg just by wearing it
—Work and daily life poised to change greatly—
May 2019
Robot manufacturing sector opens to easier access
—The wave of horizontal specialization is upon us—
April 2019
Development of the 5G Smart Phone
A view of the future seen in the MWC19
March 2019
Waking up to latent fuel cell technology
Commercialization proceeds overseas
February 2019
Land, sea, and air: mobility moves into a dream era
January 2019
Stepping up innovation