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“My Experiences”
While in college, I travelled overseas for the first time. That is when I started to use a charge card. Impressed with the experience and convenience of the card, I joined the issuer of the card right after graduation. Working for the global card company for eight years, I obtained important management skills stage by stage. My major responsibilities were card usage enhancement, sales team management, and strategic alliance development.
My initial job was a sales rep to solicit various types of merchants to accept our cards. Those merchants included hotels, bars, restaurants, and shops. I called on dozens of merchants every day and night (because bars were open at night!) for two years. Attaining top sales in my second year, I learned the importance of initiative and tenacity. In this way, I acquired basic sales skills during this period.
My next job was a sales team leader managing a group of ten reps for three years. In this position, I found that doing and having others do were two different things. Of course, the sales knowhow I had gained in the previous years helped me actually guide them on the job. But, the more important thing was bringing maximum results as a team, which I learned by trial and error. In this manner, I earned valuable leadership skills during this period.
My last job was a business development manager to build strategic alliances with other firms. After five years in sales, I transferred to the corporate planning department via the company’s internal job posting system. In the following three years, I successfully negotiated with several potential partners. This was a great opportunity to learn how a global company operated from a managerial viewpoint. As a result, I developed practical negotiation skills during this period.
All in all, I learned key business skills including sales, leadership, and negotiation in my previous experiences. My particular strength would be to possess two complementary perspectives: one from the bottom and the other from the top. I believe that truly effective management results from combining those two perspectives.







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